sometimes reality sucks...but there IS JOY!!

my reality right now is this...
yes, I did just lose my dad and a baby all within a month.
yes, it has been the hardest past 2 months of my life, by far.
yes, I have two little ones at very needy stages in life, pulling me in every direction.
yes, my body feels so out of whack, hormones still trying to adjust after my miscarriage.
yes, I have moments when tears flow easily,
and other times when I wish they would, but they just wont come out.
and yes, it all is hard. and honestly some of it just plain sucks.

but here's the rest of my reality...
there IS joy to be had.
there really is.

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Coming up on my favorite celebration of the year this week,
has me reflecting a lot on the JOY that was made available to me when Jesus died for me.
The hope that I can now have in the midst of loss, heartache, sin, and fear.
the FREEDOM from all of that.
If that doesn't make me joyful, I don't know what does!

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There's no doubt that grief and pain are real.
That fear is real.
These things ARE very real tools used by the enemy to rob us
of the joy we CAN have.

But I urge you today...
let it go. Stop listening to the lies that say you can't have joy.
for whatever reason you have in your head.

If you need to start simply
(kind of the stage i'm in now),
by just finding little aspects of Joy in your life
(like this precious little girl in her pink chair)
...then do that.
Or ask for prayer.
or turn on some worship music and just soak in it.

Let Him heal your heart,
and bring you the peace, the hope, the joy that you need today.

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I really want you to know I care.
Tell me how I can pray for you.
Let's pursue the freedom of Jesus' sacrifice together.

email me if you have a prayer need.
I mean it.

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There IS joy for us all!!

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