celebrating Baby Declan!

This weekend, I got the privilege of celebrating my sister Danielle,
as she is coming close to welcoming her first baby!

(and if you have known me a long time, and are thinking "Wait, I didn't know she had a sister!"...
that's because I just met 2 sisters 4 years ago when I met my birth mother and her family.
And now I am so blessed to have them in my life!)

 photo shower1.jpg
 photo shower2.jpg
Alex, Danielle (mama-to-be), and me...
so blessed to have these girls in my life!

Danielle was truly showered with lots of love and gifts...
I know this baby boy will be surrounded by so much support and love!

 photo shower11.jpg  photo shower6.jpg  photo shower5.jpg  photo shower9.jpg

 photo shower4.jpg
 photo shower10.jpg

 photo shower7.jpg  photo shower14.jpg

(everyone had to draw a baby on a card on the top of their head...petty funny to watch.
Danielle picked the best baby and they got a prize - Such a fun game!)

rest those feet, mama! :)

 photo shower8.jpg

I love you Danielle and I am so thrilled for you to start this journey.
You will be amazing at it!

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