Happy 4th!...and some "Did You Know's?"

So thankful for that flag that flies, representing the freedom we are blessed with here.
Happy 4th of July folks...can't wait to hear what everyone is doing to celebrate!
(and ALSO..Happy 6 months to my sweet B!!)

I am linking up today (the 4th) with a ton of bloggers for the
"Red White and YOU" blog hop!
I'd been wanting to do another one of these posts lately anyways, so I thought today would be perfect to share some random "did you know's?" about myself...


did you know?
I love watching the Tour De France bike race. It gives me chills to watch.
(I'm watching it as I write)
I secretly dream of being an amazing biker.
I actually AM naturally blonde. :) but hey, a little extra highlighting never hurt, right?
I will celebrate 9 years of marriage next month. yes, 9 years!
I used to be majorly addicted to Coca-Cola.
I went to Baylor University (for my first two years before I got married then finished at UTD)
I have never been to Europe but would LOVE to someday.

did you know?
I am a terribly light sleeper.
I grew up in Dallas, TX but moved to Oklahoma a year ago for hubb's job.
Breastfeeding is one of my favorite parts of being a new mommy.
Neither one of our babies were "planned".
I do not, and wil not, eat any kind of fish or seafood. blech.
I had a miscarriage in between our two girls.
I was the Captain of my high school drill team.
I don't like coffee. I know, I know.

did you know?
I have seen every single season of the Bachelor. yep.
I learned about the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit when I was in high school, and have not been the same since.
I am a trained Post-Partum Doula.
I hate having my nails painted. (I love mani's, but hate the fact it never stays on)
I have to trust Him every day with fear that I will lose my girls.
I cannot imagine doing anything else than being a Mommy.
I love to blog. oh wait, you prob figured that out. :)

there you have it.
{and for more random facts about me, like how I am adopted, and how I have a tattoo,
click here}

YAY for getting to know each other. :) I love this avenue for sharing life.
what a blessing it has been to me.

I'll leave y'all with some pics of what we've been up to the last few days..
lots of summer fun in the backyard!


Happy 4th y'all.
Hope it's filled with lots of watermelon, hot dogs, sunscreen, fireworks, and fun!


And, last but NOT least...
Happy 6 months sweet Bethany!!
I cannot believe how time has flown since you graced us with your dainty little self.


I love you beyond words, Monkey.