Naptime Ramblings: the 4th, worship, 54 texts, weight, Joe, potty training, and Alaska

Seems that this might become a regular thing.
when I don't really have a "topic" in mind or on my heart to blog about...
just sharing a few thoughts while the babes are asleep. :)

1. so excited for the 4th! Looking into our plan for the day right now. We will probably go to a parade that morning, and then that evening we will head to our city park for free food, live bands, bounce house, and fireworks! woohoo!
(and don't forget the watermelon!)

2. also excited for the 4th because it is Bethany's half-birthday!
SIX months old!! can you believe it? I can't.
oh my goodness I feel like she was just being born like yesterday. time definitely flies even faster with number two.
She is growing, uses her excersaucer, rolls all over the place, and is super close to sitting for more than a few seconds! I fall in love with my tiny peanut more every day!

3. I am working through in my heart about what it looks like to really be listening to HIM each day.
It seems as if He needs to remind me of this in a new way with each season of life.
Lately, He has led me to listen to messages online, and also just to spend time worshipping to music.
He is speaking and showing up, and I'm so glad.

4. about worship: it has been VITAL for me lately. seriously.
When Bethany wakes up about 6:30-ish, I have been bringing her to bed with us and turning worship music on on my phone while we all just lay there until Abigail wakes up, usually around 7. Bethany loves it, and I swear it makes a HUGE difference in how we start the day.

5. potty training. OH potty training. Abigail WAS trained for a while, then got a tummy virus and it all went out the window.
(or down the toilet I should say?!). :)
so here we are again...she is SO ready, and pretty much takes herself to the potty every time she has to go.
(with the expectation of a marshmallow each time she tee-tees in the big girl potty. duh.)
We're about to do hard-core-dont-leave-your-house training again this week, just to try and seal the deal,'s to hoping I won't step in any poop this week as my two year old is running to the bathroom.
(yes, that did happen last week. ick.)

6. I am so thankful for some of my bloggy bff's who keep me laughing just about every day through our group text messages.
We are also a group who prays for each other, and for that, I feel so blessed.
Also, its pretty awesome to leave your phone for a while and come back to 54, yes 54, texts.
I LOVE you know who you are! :)

7. I started training this week for a triathlon. It's not my first, but its been like 4 years. ahh!
So here goes. September, here I come!
Watching The Tour De France, my FAV sporting event to watch, is giving me lots of motivation since it started this week.

8. On that note, I am about 1.5 lbs away from my goal weight, and am hoping to do a post about it soon! I am hopeful I will reach my goal by Wednesday the 4th, because that will be 6 months since baby.
I am thankful for the way cutting sugar out/down has changed my life...and not just my weight, but my life!
But as you might know from my instagram pics, I'm def far from perfect in my eating.
(Nutella, anyone?)

9. In a few weeks, we will be going to Dallas to celebrate the 60th birthday of our spiritual father, Joe. We cannot wait!! It is going to be a huge night of blessing, testimony, and just experiencing the presence of God, as people share about the impact Joe has had in their lives.
We are beyond blessed to have him and his wife, Kim, in ours.
(and we even met at their house!)
Can't wait to post about it.

10. My mother-in-law is leaving soon for an Alaskan cruise.
I'm jealous. that's all. :)
(so excited for you Jan!)

Y'all have a blessed day!!!
Thanks for listening to me.