Abigail's phone call

We took dinner to Daddy's office one night and Abigail wanted to call her Memaw and Hop and tell them she was gonna go to the zoo tomorrow...and it is by far one of our favorite videos of her ever!! her little language and words crack me up. :)

A little pre-translation of this phone call for you:
(some of the things you might hear)

Wanna come see ME?
I go to animals tonight.
(then mama corrected her)
I go to zoo tomorrow.
I see giraffe and a effant and a heeppo.
(how she says hippo cracks us up for some reason)

Daddy's office looks really...really NICE.
(so random...I don't think she meant to say that but she just went with it, hand motions and all)

hokey pokey pokey!
(when my parent's dog rolls around she says she's doing the hokey pokey)

and then the awesome look at the phone saying,
"Wanna See?"

and seriously, those eyes.

enjoy. at least the grandparents will get a kick out of this. :)

Y'all have a good rest of the weekend!