no-pressure blogging

This has been on my heart lately, and then I remembered I posted about it before...
so here's an oldie for ya. I pray it will speak to you today, bloggers.


There shouldn't be any pressure in blogging.

No pressure to post at certain times or on certain days.
No pressure to link up with certain link parties.
No pressure to comment or follow.
No pressure to perform or please.


I truly believe that blogging should come from our hearts,
and not be in any way about performing for anyone, or pleasing anyone.

That performance mode is so sneaky, at least it is in my life.
But my heart is to BE MYSELF in real life, and in this blog.
and if that means that I can't blog or link up or comment or catch up on blogs's OKAY.


If I need to just gaze into newborn eyes,
or spend time with my (very needy) toddler, or call a friend on the phone,
or even just chill and watch TV...
instead of linking up with the latest link party, or blogging about whatever happened that day's okay, no pressure.

And if that means that I don't post about the amazing crafts I've done with my littles,
or the wonderful dinner I cooked, or the beautiful decorations I "DIYed",'s okay, no pressure.

Because I'm not any more than what God gives me grace to be in that moment.


And if that day, we did an awesome craft and
I took amazing pictures of it to share here, then thats great too...
and i LOVE those days!

But if we didn't do crafts all week and I cannot "show" the world the
"amazing mothering" things I've done that week,
that's okay too.


I have found myself getting consumed before, thinking about
what i should blog about, and when I should post it, what pictures I will share, where I will link up, etc etc.
Any of you bloggers relate?

let me be clear:
there's NOTHING wrong with planning to blog,
or posting certain things.
I have done it and will continue to!

But my heart about this is that I would just
"go with the flow"...
that I would blog where there is grace to.
and that basically just means that if I feel peace about it,
and if the Lord has lined it up for me to have the ability to do it,
then that's what I will do.


But if I don't, and if I need to just snuggle with my girls
instead of meeting some "blogging deadline" i have made for myself in my head..
then that's what I will do.
Or if I need to take something to the Lord first,
before I "process" it out loud in a blog post,
then that's what I need to do.
...and on the other hand, if I feel led to post every day or link up every time,
and the Lord gives me the time and grace to do that, then I will.

Maybe it's all just me and noone else deals with this.
I even took a break from blogging last summer for a few months,
so I could re-prioritize my heart and see where blogging fit in.
Thankfully, He showed me it is a part of my life, and that I just have to follow His lead about what and when to blog.

I guess I just wanted to express these thoughts about blogging in hopes to give a little freedom to myself, and possibly stir some other hearts about
just simply blogging as the Lord gives grace to.

and also being okay with setting the computer to the side for a while...


I had to set aside the "plan" in my head for blogging today,
I wanted to do it much earlier in the day.
But life happened.

BUT now here I sit, the end of the night,
with the time and energy (and an unusually quiet house),
and the Lord has given me the grace to write this post
so I can link up with other bloggers here.

I hope that you know my heart is to always be a blessing to anyone who reads this blog,
and I feel it would be a disservice to you, and to myself,
if I blogged according to expectations from myself or others.
I just want to blog where there is grace to blog.

Thanks for listening, love yall.