outdoors inspiration

The weather has been GORGEOUS, and inspires me so much right now.

whimsical bubble-blowing,
snuggles on picnic blankets,
bouncing on trampolines,
chasing duckies in our yard,
hours in the playhouse,
slides and swings,
cookouts with friends,
long walks to the lake,
and just lots of plain ole fun.

It also brings me to a place of peace.


I'm hanging on to every beautiful day until it gets blazing hot out there!!

I'm linking up for this blog hop to share what inspires us today!!

aaaaand, I have a fun blog announcement...

{I feel like the Lord has really led me to start this link-up, so I hope you will join me!!}
A lot of you bloggers are great about writing "letters" to your littles ones on your blogs,
but I admittedly am not. I'm even terrible at keeping up with the actual baby books.

I desire for this blog to be a beautiful (printed) gift to my children someday,
a way for them to know more about our life, the day to day, the ups and downs, etc.
And I really want to start writing TO them more, instead of just ABOUT them.
what a gift to give them, right?


"Letters to Littles"
will start next Wednesday, April 11th!!


This will be a link up where you can share a "dear baby..." post (or "dear baby-to-be"!),
where you can just tell them about your day, tell them how much you love them, how stinking cute they are in that outfit,
even tell them about your struggles in mothering them,
whatever you want them to know...
from your heart TO theirs.

(I'm also doing this not necessarily because I want everyone to read my letters to my babies, but for some accountability in writing to them...
I just know it will bless them someday.)

Grab a button on my sidebar over there,
spread the word, and come link up!
Can't wait. Love yall!