Link Up Announcement!!! (and a Happy 3 Months!)

A lot of you bloggers are great about writing "letters" to your littles ones on your blogs,
but I admittedly am not. I'm even terrible at keeping up with the actual baby books.

I desire for this blog to be a beautiful, printed gift to my children someday,
a way for them to know more about our life, the day to day, the ups and downs, etc.
And I really want to start writing TO them more, instead of just ABOUT them.
what a gift to give them, right?


"Letters to Littles"
will start next Wednesday, April 11th!!


This will be a link up where you can share a "dear baby..." post
(no matter how old they are..even if your little one is still in your belly!)
where you can just tell them about your day with them, tell them how much you love them, how stinking cute they are in that outfit,
even tell them about your struggles in mothering them,
whatever you want them to know...
from your heart TO theirs.

(I'm doing this not necessarily because I want everyone to read my letters to my babies, but for some accountability in writing to them...because I know it will bless them someday.)
And you may not have a letter for your little one every week, but just link up when you do! :)

Grab a button on my sidebar over there,
spread the word, and come link up!
Can't wait!

SO in honor of my sweet Bethany being 3 months old today,
I thought I'd go ahead and do a letter for her!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sweet B,

You are 3 months old today, and I canNOT believe how fast this has gone.
It honestly makes me emotional because I feel like time is already flying by with you.
You are the sweetest little thing, and have the daintiest little face,
and we are so in love with you, more than we ever thought possible.


One thing I love about you, sweet girl, is that you are my cuddle bug.
Your big sister was not that way at all, but you LOVE to be close to me, to my body.
You LOVE to be rocked and are SO happy when I swaddle you!
whenever I first swaddle you, you give me the BIGGEST smile!! :)
You must really like the tight, close feeling of it.
You even sleep best when you are right up next to me.
As exhausted as I am in this stage with you, I wouldn't trade snuggling next to you all night for anything in the world.
I hope you always stay cuddly.


I could write so much about you already, in your three short months of life.
You have grown so fast.
I love you so much Bethany Len, I am so proud to be your Mommy.
Happy 3 months!!


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Yall have a great day,
and don't forget to come link up next Wednesday!!