prayer in the sickness

It is so difficult to explain to a child that she will feel better soon.
that her tummy hurts will go away, (we were praying they would)
that Mommy is so sad for her and wishes she could take it from her.
It's heartbreaking.

Abigail got really sick last week.
I had found some weird looking stuff in her diaper and took her in to the dr.
One of the concerns the Dr had was that it could be dried blood from internal bleeding,
but since I did not have a diaper with me, we would have to wait until the next day to test it.
Let me tell you, "internal bleeding" is not something you want
to hear as a possibility for your child.

{*Thankfully it was NOT blood,
but some crazy reaction to an antibiotic she was on.*}


Abigail was not herself AT ALL. Lethargic, laying around, not talking, etc.
And telling me "my tummy's hurting", and "my bottom's hurting"
with the saddest little voice.

*I want to pause and say something here...
I know several mamas who have children with serious conditions and illnesses,
and I want to say I admire you.
And that as I write about a tummy virus and not anything serious,
I am sensitive to the fact that, for you,
its not just something that goes away with time or medicine.
My heart hurts with you as you watch your children suffer.


I also want to acknowledge my own mom right now.
She dealt with LOTS of sickness and doctor's visits, etc raising me.
(I had severe IBS growing up, plus lots of other crazy sicknesses)
I just had NO idea the toll it can take on you as a mother to deal with a sick child,
especially when you are told it could be something serious.
I distinctly remember her telling me she wished she could take it away for me...
and now, as a mommy myself, I understand what that means.
Thanks Mom, for all you did for me, and for all the prayers.
(you deserve a medal for some of the things we went though with my health!)

Needless to say, as we had to wait until the next day to go in for testing,
it was a LONG night full of battling fear and emotion.
I tried to not let my mind go to the worst case scenarios.
Parker and I did our best to just pray against the fear,
and pray healing over Abigail.


During the waiting and praying, something hit me.
Something that I want Abigail to learn from me, from us as a family...
That she will hear her Mommy and Daddy pray for her and believe G0d for her.
That she would learn to pray against fear in her own little life,
that she would learn what it means to pray for healing.
And that she has a God she can talk to and trust with her biggest fears and hurts.

and you know what?
That night as I prayed for Abigail in bed,
she prayed with me and said with the sweetest yet most serious voice,
"God, heal tummy."

She had seen us, and heard us pray for her.
She had seen us trust God on her behalf.
And now she's learning to trust Him too, to call upon Him when she needs Him...
One of the best lessons she can ever learn.


love yall...have a great day.
and thanks to those who prayed with us.

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