feeling sorry for myself

3 of the 4 of us have been bitten by the flu bug...ugh.
thankfully tiny Bethany is still in the clear.

I thought I would miss it too, but woke up this morning with high fever
and can hardly move my body hurts so bad.
I'm also struggling to give myself some grace for having yet another unproductive TV-watching day as we all recoup. Im telling myself its ok,
that Abigail (hopefully) wont remember these sick days
that I couldn't play with her much.
I know, I know, Im feeling sorry for myself.
Thanks for listening.

This made me feel better though...hoping it will make you smile today too!
(Abigail thought her baby sister needed some beads)


Have a great Sunday,
and I pray that sickness stays far away from you and yours!
love yall.