a few things...

first of all...I am OVERWHELMED at the prayer and support for my Dad as we go through this difficult time with his health.
It means the world to me, it really does.

Update on my Dad: he is doing much better, his mental state is better, still struggling with some confusion and memory loss, but is no longer extremely agitated and the hallucinations have slowed down.
They are still unsure as to the exact cause, but we are thinking now that it is just unfortunately part of the progression of his Parkinson's Disease.
(insert mad face here..i freaking hate this disease)
Please pray if you think about it, for healing, peace, and rest.
I'll update you throughout this week.


"Isaac and Sarah"!!
YAY friend!! I know you'll love this for your new little peanut!
{email me girl!}

and last but DEF not least...

didya notice how pretty my blog looks?? didya? :)
a BIG thanks to my precious friend, Danielle at Take Heart
for giving my blog a little love!

If you need some designing, she's amazing AND she's a great friend too...
one of my new-mommy-bloggy-besties. :)
{love ya friend}

OK well, I'll be in and out this week as I am home with my dad and family helping out,
but hopefully I can stay connected a little bit at least!!
love yall...
i am TRULY thankful for each of you.