Texas...and an update on my Dad

THANK YOU for all the prayers the last several days for my sweet Dad.
He is home from the hospital now and has regained strength faster than anyone thought.
We are still not completely sure what caused all this scary stuff, but we are thankful it is over.
His Parkinson's Disease is unfortunately just something that will continue to progress,
but we hope and pray that episodes like this will not occur much.
So again, thanks so much...your prayers were not in vain.
God heard, and we felt, every single one.

Though a half-day road trip seemed like a million miles away when this all happened,
I am so thankful I was able to just drive across the border a few hours to come home.
And on our way, I stopped to let Abigail run around, and decided why not stop at the Texas Tourist Center?
And so I just had to get this fun picture...something I never cared about doing until we moved out of state!


My Texan toddler by my side, and my Oklahoman baby in my arms. :)

and guess what?
I have an AMAZING giveaway for you tomorrow, that you seriously wont want to miss....
so come on back y'all.
(I AM still from Texas, you know.)