heavy hearted

Seems like this week I have heard so many stories of loss and of grief.
These seasons are difficult, and honestly they just down-right suck.
But they challenge me.

My verse-of-the-day today from my iPhone app is Colossians 3:2...
"Set your mind on things above, not on earthly things."

Think on HIM, on His plan, His glory, His joy, His peace, His comfort, His grace, His understanding, His desires, His value.
They are much better than our own plan, our own glory, our own understanding, our own desires.

Its so hard to think on those things when the fire comes.

We cannot always see what He's doing.
He may reveal it in that moment, or maybe later, or maybe never.
(pause for a deep breath)

But there is one certain thing. One thing I know (I know that I know that I know):


Its His nature, His character.
(in other words, its how He rolls).

This week my sister-in-law lost her dad very unexpectedly.
From something that, in the world's eyes, should not have happened.
This was my brother's father-in-law, grandfather to their 3 kids,
and a performer loved by many people.
He knew Jesus, so He is now free and singing in Heaven.
But it sucks.

It has brought up a lot of emotion for Parker and I as we toil through the memory of losing Parker's dad (my father-in-law) so suddenly 18 months ago.
Again from something that, in the world's eyes, should not have happened.
He also is free and playing guitar with Jesus now.
But it sucks.

BUT... Its not through the world's eyes that God
makes His plan for us.

Its not though the world's eyes that He loves us.

Its through His heart, His Kingdom, His Son Jesus.

In these times, I am sad. But I know in my heart that God is Good.
It takes more than just believing IN Him, we must BELIEVE Him.
Believe what He says. Believe His character,
that He KNOWS, that He LOVES, and that He is GOOD.

Lord, will you remind us today that this is not our home. If we are yours, then this is all temporary.
Touch us God. Touch those we love that are hurting and walking through fire and trial. May they know your character better. Give us strength to believe you.
Reveal your goodness and your peace.