pizza at home!

So this is not a beautiful fancy recipe like so many of you amazing bloggy ladies post all the time...but I just had to share it bc its
my new favorite little d-i-y meal!
Some friends out of town made this for us when we visited
them recently and I LOVE it now!
(thanks J&C!)

I think people often forget that homemade pizza is an option,
because there are so many yummy pizza places around.
But this is a way you can make it more your own,
(and maybe a little healthier too)!
...and its way more fun than tipping the pizza guy at your door.

super quick and ya go:

pizza sauce and crust (I use whole wheat to make a it a little better for ya)

fresh toppings of your choice...
I used fresh mozzerella, fresh basil, tomatoes, pineapples, and pepperoni.
Other fun toppings we've used are grilled chicken and fresh bell pepper slices.
(be creative - is YOUR pizza and its not 2 bucks for every extra topping!)

spread your sauce on, put the cheese on 1st, and then add your toppings!
put in the oven at 450 (or whatever your crust says), bake for 10 minutes...

and EnJoY!!!
goes great with a Ceasar salad....and a glass of wine of course. :)

Well, thats all! simple, right? thats how I roll.

one more idea: we recently had 4 other couples over for dinner, and I set up a "Pizza Bar". I pre-cut a bunch of fresh toppings and put them in bowls, and set out a crust and sauce for each couple to make and split their own pizza.
it was a hit :)

Hope yall can enjoy a homemade pizza soon!
Happy Wednesday, love yall!

P.S. it blesses me a lot to know that so many of you actually read what I have to say...I love your comments and I love having new "followers" (scroll down to the bottom of the blog to become a follower!) Thanks for sharing life with me!