"BEING" her mommy

"...let your face smile on us, Lord.
You have given me greater joy than those who have 
abundant harvests of grain and new wine."
Psalm 4:7

In the midst of many "adjusting" days to toddlerhood (for her AND me),
today was one that captured my heart and brought me a lot of joy as HER mommy.
Every day does, really.  

But sometimes I think I get caught up in the
"being a Mommy" (and all that goes along with that),
 instead of just being with her.
does that make sense?

I told myself and the Lord today that I want to pursue more times of 
just BEING in the moment with my little girl.
We aren't promised tomorrow, and with loss too familiar to us in this season,
 I don't want to ever regret missing these precious moments.

so today, Im soaking them up...

When did this little baby grow up so big?!

She walks her snacks back to the little table in her play area and sits in the chair
waiting for me to join, but the minute I sit down she pulls me up...
it is clearly HER table.
But she does want me close by, on the floor next to her.
(just not at the table! ha!)
I'm happy to sit wherever next to my little bug.
(thats been her nickname since about 6 wks old)

This bag must have been filled 
and then promptly emptied 
a million and one times with easter eggs.
She is very intense and diligent about whatever she is doing.

I found myself at one point picking up the eggs to put them away, 
because she had moved on to the next thing.
But something in me just stopped and said 
not to worry about picking up right then...
to just go BE and play with my girl.
Im trying to just BE in these moments, remember?

And precious they are.

This afternoon, we did a little "water painting" in the driveway.
She LOVED it!
She loves sticking the paint brush in the water and seeing the stripes she made on the ground.

And when she pulled one shoe off and threw it in the bowl of water,
And when she decided the paint brush was enough like a hair brush to paint her head with it,
And when she tried to drink from the bowl...
I remembered to BE in the moment, just like she was.

That's the face she makes when she's super excited.
so stinking cute.  :)

I "painted" a big A for her name and she finished it.
She did not want this to end.
and neither did I.
We used the whole bowl of water until it had all splashed out or been painted away.

My precious Abigail, I am so blessed by the 
joy you bring to my moments.