...more to the story...

Remember that waiter the other night 
that was rude?
did you know he found out that day that he was losing his job, and he has 5 kids at home?

And remember that girl who cut you off when you were driving to lunch?
did you know she was on her way home from getting bad news at the doctor?

Oh, and that mom who drives a nice car that you envy and judge her character by?
did you know that she was given that car as a gift?

And what about the guy at the home improvement store that was so short with you?
did you know he found out the day before that his baby girl had a serious illness?

The list could go on.

We never know what someone is going through or how they got to where they 
are in that moment.
But there is something we can do about it.
Something on my heart lately,
and especially this weekend as we remember the 
GRACE given to us by Jesus hanging on the cross.

What if we stopped for just a second and CONSIDERED that there might be more to the story that just what our eyes see and what our ears hear?

What if we stopped and asked God to help us see that person 
the way He sees them?
I think it could make an incredible impact on the way we love people.
He might even lead you to help them.
or He might lead someone to help YOU if you are the one who forgot to use your turn signal because you just found out bad news.

I know God's just beginning to scratch the surface with me about this,
but I so desire for my heart to always take a moment to hear from the Lord 
before I pass judgement, get upset, or turn away.
He might lead me to give grace and love like He has done for me.

Im glad He sees the whole story 
when He looks at me.