Abigail's Art Show!

Last night was Abigail's "Art Show" at her Mother's Day Out...
The entire school puts on an Art Walk and displays things they've worked on during the year.
I could not have been more proud.
yes, she's only 15 months old.
But Im SO proud of my little bitty artist!

she was proud to show her daddy her work.....

The theme was a walk through the nations...
Each age level, up to 6th grade, had a different country and the bitties had Mexico.
(wait till you scroll down a few pics...you might just wet your pants!)

She worked SO hard, which is no surprise given her intense personality!
Here she is working so diligently at painting her artwork,
which was a Mexican Zarape (like a blanket or shawl).

Remember I told you you might wet your pants from laughter?
well, here it is...
Is this not the cutest funniest little thing?
All the girls wore this dress and the boys wore a zarapa and a sombrero,
and each had their pictures displayed with their artwork!

I definitely pulled a first-time mama move and cried.
Because I was so proud of her and so excited that she was so proud.

My baby is growing up so fast...

Being a proud mama is whats on my heart today,
Im so thankful for the gift God has given me in this little girl.

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