these shoes were made for walkin...

Ive never cried after buying shoes (enter first-time mommy moment).
But yesterday was different because I wasnt buying for me.
I was getting shoes for the little bitty feet in my life!
Memaw (my mom) took me and Abigail to buy her some "big girl" shoes for the first time.
Obviously, she's worn shoes before, but now that she started walking this week, we thought it was time for some real deal walkin shoes.

Im kicking myself that I didnt take the camera, but here are a few pics to share. If you are a first time mommy (or were a while back) then you probably understand how proud I am of her big girl shoes. I think I'm in denial a little bit too.
I cant believe my tiny little daughter is big enough for shoe shopping!

We went to Stride Rite, where my mom bought me shoes when I was little. yep, same store, still there.

and get this: the guy that tried shoes on Abigail probably fit me for shoes too...he's been there 20-something years! amazing, right? I think it made him feel special.

I teared up when he put her foot on that big silver foot-measurer-thing.

(pause for another mommy moment)

He told me what size she needed, and remember my denial? well, I made him bring the next size smaller. But after trying them on, come to find out, he did know what he was talking about (he fit me for shoes when I was little so I shouldve known)....but my shock of how fast my little girl has grown was taking over!

All that to say, I dont normally cry over shoes. And it really wasnt about the shoes.
Its about that my little bitty is not little bitty anymore.
She is growing already into a beautiful little girl with a beautiful heart.
And now some big girl shoes.

(walking in her new shoes to greet dada home from work last night)