Praise These Little Feet

(brand new feet!)

Those tiny little feet. Those precious little toes.
They have melted my heart since the beginning, and now for a whole new reason...

Abigail is officially a walker! This past Saturday she decided it was time. Its been a long time coming, lots of cruising with her "grandma" walker and her scooter, lots of walking in circles around the coffee table, lots of grabbing mama's hands to walk all around...
but this weekend, at 14 and a half months old,
she decided it was time to do it on her own!

(4 month old toes)

In the midst of all the excitement of having a little walker, I came to the realization that I am officially a mom to a toddler now. oh man. It has already been exhausting chasing her around the past 4 days! She literally just takes off. If you know her at all, you know that Abigail is already a very busy baby, and we just bumped it up to a whole new level!
While I know my role as a mommy just stepped up a bit,
(this walking skill has already seemed to foster a new level of "independent spirit" in her),
I could not be more excited for her!
It makes me so happy that she has opened up a whole new door to her little world!

There is nothing like watching a child take her first steps. It is actually a very spiritual thing to see confidence building before your very eyes. She has had months of learning that she can trust us and the things around her to hold her up, but she now is gaining the confidence she needs to do it on her own. Not like we are ever on our own with the Lord...but I think there are certain seasons where He instills His peace and confidence in us so that we can move forward in the next seasons He has for us.
Yet we always know that if we fall, He will pick us up and carry us.

(big girl 14 month old, walking feet!)

My favorite moment since she started walking is not actually her walking, though it makes my heart leap every time I see her toddling towards me!

On Sunday, after a full day of her new skill, she did something Ill always remember as one of my (many) favorite mommy moments.
I was laying on the bed nursing her, and she did something unusual.
She pulled back from me, took her foot in her hand, and pulled it all the way up to my mouth with a huge smile on her face. She wanted me to kiss her little walking feet!
Parker came in right after she did that, and she took her foot and held it against his lips as well.
Parker then recognized and said the sweetest thing, acknowledging what she was trying to show us....He told her that we were "praising these little feet" for all the walking and hard work they had been doing. She was proud of herself and wanted us to be proud too!
Proud we are! We will be praising these little feet for all the walking she will do in her life. And we will be there to pick her up or carry her when she needs a little help along the way.

SO proud of this girl!!