i am being set free...

Words really can't explain how free I feel right now from all the influences Satan tries to take in my life.
Y'all know he is real, right?
You know he doesn't like it when we claim God's promises over our lives, right?
He is OUT to get us...he hates that we get the victory in the end, 
and will do anything and everything to take us out and take our eyes off Jesus and off our Father.

But this week...
I got delivered from some things that needed to flee back to Hell where they came from...
And I can physically feel the effects of it!
While I didn't have a disease that needed healing this time, I just feel clearer in my head.
The anxieties or different emotions that have come at me the last few years through grief and through mothering....those things took up space in my head.
And I feel like I have some of that "space" back now, if thats makes any sense
...it just feels more peaceful.
I honestly cant explain it to where you might understand.

It's just such a sweet gift from our Father who wants us to be FULLY FREE.

My desire in this last week was for Him to take me DEEPER than my bound-up mind could wander,
like the lyrics to that song say.
And He did.
I am coming away with a deeper understanding of HOW I can be free to operate with the mind of Christ, like He desires to me. And being reminded about why it is so, so vital to my life. 
(1 Corinthians 2:14-16)

I am still processing so much.
This week wasn't just a "fix" and then Im done.
I have to pursue it, and walk it out.
...and I WANT to walk it out.

It's not about a religious heart or legalistic thinking about getting in the Word and checking it off a list.
It's about what my Daddy says to me and about me.
It's a new understanding that acknowledging what the scripture says about me, about who I am...
is actually so important to my life and my health!

This week was like drinking from a fire hydrant of truth.
so. much. truth.
I can't wait to share more as it comes...

So thankful for this time.
God is so good to us!