honoring Kelli...

This weekend, I got to host a shower in my home for one of my close friends, Kelli.
Our friends Anne and Andrea did all the hard work of preparing the beautiful brunch, sending the invites, and orchestrating it all...
We were so excited to honor Kelli in the upcoming arrival of her son...
they will be be bringing him home from China within a month!!

Not only was it exciting to watch this mama of 2 girls (like me) open all BOY things, and to hear more of her story and the process they are in to being him home....it was just such a neat and different kind of baby shower, in the sense that this is for their adopted son, someone they already love and care for so much but have never even met.
Neat because they heard and obeyed the call of God on their life to adopt, and He is answering their prayers.
Just beautiful to witness, and I cannot wait to meet him so very soon!

If you want to follow more of her story and journey, she blogs here...go meet my sweet friend, yall.

The celebration was just perfect. 
Simple and elegant brunch, complete with mimosas and coffee.
Anne and Andrea even got some amazing party favors...blue-colored fortune cookies, and inside each one was Kelli's family verse, 1 John 4:19. 

(my Moms Club girls...could not do life here without them!)

So special.
Thanks for letting us honor you, Kel. We cannot wait to all walk this journey with you!!