Miscarriage Support Group

Today, Thrive Moms is launching online support groups for moms walking through different seasons of their lives...in the effort to build community and encouragement and a sense of belonging to all of us!

I was MORE than honored when Thrive Moms asked me to be the support group leader for moms who have gone through miscarriage. 
I have walked this road several times myself, and 
(as you all know), I think there is SUCH power in sharing our stories. 
And in finding others who have been though the same things.

Sharing life and the heartaches of our losses have brought so much healing to me.
It truly is amazing...once a woman shares her storry of miscarriage, it usually opens the door for other mamas to share their stories of loss too. I have seen this happen over and over, and have been told by others that the more they share, the more friends and women they find out have walked the same road.
(Did you know that 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage?! That's a lot y'all.
And that probably means you know at least one person who has been through it.)
As y'all know, I have not been a stranger to sharing my miscarriage stories here. It is something the Lord has asked me to do

(you can read more of my stories here)
And while I don't think sharing publicly is the most beneficial or comfortable for everyone (it has taken some stepping out of my own comfort zone too!)...
I DO believe that finding a community or at least 1 or 2 friends to walk through it with, who really understand...is so vital to healing.

That's why I think these groups are so great.  They are private closed Facebook groups where women can join and share life in a safe place.
I seriously cannot wait to see the fruit of what God does in these groups.
There will be some facilitated discussions and questions and prompts that I will lead, 
but my heart is that it will become a safe place of HOPE and PEACE for moms.

So, please pass this on...or join if you feel like it would benefit you or someone you know.

You can read more about it here, and sign up.
Or you can search on facebook for "Thrive Moms Support Groups - Miscarriage", and request to join the group.

Other groups that are offered right now include Working Moms, Death of a Child, Single Moms, Military Moms, Special Needs Moms, Infertility, and Adoptive Moms.

Don't walk these roads alone, y'all.
We need each other!

- - - - - - - - - -

Thrive Moms is an incredible website devoted to encouraging mothers along our journey...
in SO many ways. 
If y'all don't already follow them on social media, or know about their site, you seriously need to check them out.