a new season!

 photo summercoming.png

yards to be mowed, and sunglasses to be worn...
summer's comin y'all.

so excited.
I know this summer will be new and fresh and filled with lots for good stuff for our family.

We move to our new house in just over 2 weeks
(umm...any tips on packing an entire house with two littles running around?! yikes.)
So excited to have a house here to make our own,
can't wait to show y'all pics soon!

Then, Parker and I leave right after that for 6 days.
yes, SIX days, kid-free.
(not like I wont miss my girls, but well, you understand my excitement.
It's some MUCH needed "us" time!

The Splash Pads opened this weekend,
which is where we spend a big chunk of our time in the summer.
Abigail's already chompin at the bit to go...
maybe this week if it's warm enough!

Overall, I feel like the Lord is up to stuff. :)
He has given us several words about this year, about this season,
and I feel like we are seeing a few of them come to fruition right now,
which is so exciting and encouraging.
Especially after a pretty rough few months
(btw, thanks for all the encouraging personal messages from yesterday's post)

We are looking forward to a fresh season 
of life and hope and peace and JOY.
Here's to summer...

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