tornados and triathlons...and thanks.

Well, most of you know 
(or I have already talked to you about it in some way or another),
that we had some awful tornados here on Friday night.
Pretty scary stuff, not gonna lie.

Everyone is already on high-alert after the tragedy in Moore, so this was a pretty alarming situation for everyone around here. 
We knew storms were brewing but didn't realize they would be coming straight our way...the storm made a crazy turn. You could literally see the radar make a sudden turn and start heading towards us. 

Below is a shot of the tornado starting to come down into Norman...this is from our driveway as we piled in the car to head to a friend's underground shelter.
Within minutes of this picture, it was totally dark and black outside.

 photo tornadoandtri1.jpg

Everyone in town was getting the hell outta dodge, so what should've taken us about 3 minutes 
took us 15, in stop start traffic just to go a few miles.
Thankfully we made our decision to head there at the time we did, because we got there in time to get into place.
I hadn't been scared until we were on our way in the car.
Parker kept me calm, and all I knew to do was just pray.
Thankfully, we WERE ok. The tornado missed us, though it was super close,
but we did get about 100 mph winds and a ton of crazy rain and hail.
My girls did great in the shelter and even had a little fun! thank GOD.

Some of you may also know, I had been training for a Triathlon for the past few months,
and it was supposed to be on Saturday.
But the race course was one of the hardest hit areas around, so it got cancelled.
They aren't going to reschedule, so thats a little disappointing,
BUT I feel great and heathy right now, so I am thankful for that at least!

When we picked up our race packets last week...
I was so excited when I got my number:
crazy right?
Well, at least I got a new shirt and a swim cap out of it all.

 photo tornadoandtri2.jpg

One thing training for this race did, was remind me how much I love to excercise,
and show me that it really is important to me to be and feel healthy and fit.
It's not about looks or weight.
It just gives me more confidence in everything I do when I am feeling good!
So even though the race didn't happen,
I am so glad I had that goal to work towards, or otherwise Im not sure I would've gotten back into working out so much.

We now have our little routine of going to the gym 4-5 days/week. 
When the girls aren't in school, they come to the kids place at the gym (the YMCA) and they LOVE it!
I am very blessed to have lots of girlfriends here who also go to the Y, so Abigail usually has some friends there when we go. Plus the workers know us well and are amazing with my girls.
So so thankful to have a place like that!
And honestly, even if I'm not "needing" to train or workout, it's a great Mama-break...
A great way to take care of myself, and even just walk while I watch a TV show.
(I usually watch Dr Phil or The View)
The girls have fun and so does Mama! :)

some pics from my training...

 photo tritraining-1.png

I DID get to wear my bike helmet this past weekend, just not in the way I had planned!
(below are pics from preparing and hiding from the tornados)

 photo tornado2-2.png

just wanted to check in and say hey today...
and also give another HUGE thanks to all who prayed for us on Friday night.
My phone was blowing up with all the texts and calls to check on us.
Some people even called my mom in Dallas when you couldn't get a hold of us.
It means a lot that so many people cared and were praying, y'all bless us!

so thankful right now that we weren't hit.

But please don't forget to continue to pray for those who WERE affected, or lost someone.
Though it wasn't as tragic as Moore, the tornados from Friday have already claimed 14 lives
(including a mom and her baby)
and that could still rise. 
Keep our state in your prayers...
Thanks, friends.

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