being aware of PD

this is really important to me.

As most of you probably know, I just lost my sweet Dad.
While I truly believe that the MAIN reason my Dad went Home was because it was
the Lord's designated and perfect time for him to go...
the "earthly" reasons still remain for us to deal with.

My Dad had Parkinson's Disease for around 13 years,
and what eventually took him from us
 were rare complications that were tied to this disease.

I'm guessing that the reason you have probably heard of Parkinson's is because
famous actor Michael J Fox is a huge advocate and spokesperson,
as he has suffered from it for many years now.
I'm here to remind you that this is a disease that affects many mine.
We need to be aware.

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(you can click on that image to check out that amazing website)

If you are wondering, here's a little but about this debilitating disease.
and please keep in mind:
There is NO cure right now.

(this is a very quick overview just done by me. 
check out to learn a lot more.
I am no doctor or researcher.)

PD is a chronic, degenerative neurological disorder that affects 1 in 100 people over the age of 60.

tremor, sleep problems, balance issues, higher risk of dementia, reduced facial expressions,
intestinal issues, depression and anxiety, speech issues, swallowing issues,
loss of senses like smell and taste.

there is lots to say here.
check out this website for better words than I can tell here.

speech and physical therapy, deep brain stimulation,
lots and lots of medications (which all have other side effects btw)

most doctors will say that PD itself is not fatal,
but the symptoms of this disease put patients at more risk for fatal things,
like severe pneumonia (from aspirating due to swallowing issues), or bad falls from loss of balance.

(at the end of my Dad's life, he developed Pneumonia from aspirating,
and also suffered from Hypothermia, a very rare condition linked to Parkinson's)

life effect:
this is a DEGENERATIVE disease. that means it is not going to get better.
It continues to worsen and affect the person dealing with it in numerous and growing ways.
It is a very difficult sickness for the patient, as well as for the family members.

How you can help:
Become aware that this is a life long hard thing that many people deal with.
If you know someone who has it, realize that they need or will need, your help...physically and emotionally.
Donate to what Michael J Fox is doing.
They are doing amazing work and trying to find a cure.
You can also get involved with Team Fox.
If you are a racer at all (running, triathlon, whatever) can race to raise awareness!
I plan to do this for future races.

- - - - - - - - - -

I so wish I had been a bigger advocate about this terrible sickness before my Dad died.
But now I am going to get more involved.
Because people need to know this is real and this is serious.

I know where my Dad is.
He now has perfect balance, and perfect speech.
I am thankful for that every time I get sad he is not here.
I am also thankful he does not have to deal with this disease any longer.

Let's be aware and help find a cure together.
Maybe someday wives like my mom won't have to lose their husbands,
girls like me won't have to lose their Dad's,
and babies like mine won't have to lose their GrandHop.

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thanks yall.

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