I'm not on Insta anymore, but...

...I do still take pics with my phone!
Sometimes just for us to have, or to text Parker or friends. :)

Since I am no longer on Instagram,
(which I miss a lot, but there IS a good reason I left it...I plan to post about that soon)
I thought I'd share some pics from life lately through the lens of my phone!

- - - - - - - - - -

 photo phonepics1.png

-showing parker my new Northface I got with Christmas money while I was in Dallas
(I loooove NF).
-NOT missing Dallas traffic
-loving that baby Northface! omg so cute.

 photo phonepics2.png

-baby in a box :)
-enjoying a much needed Mambo Taxi from Mi Cocina 
(while I don't miss the traffic,I do miss my Dallas restaurants!)
-sleepy traveler

 photo phonepics3.png

-happy baby chilin in Daddy's chair
-some major coloring happening here
-enjoying coffee in a special mug from my Lake Placid girls trip last year.

 photo phonepics4.png

-Bethany stealing a scoot while sissy played
-afternoon scooter ride...finally beautiful weather!
-always chillin :)

 photo phonepics5.png

-playing under Daddy's desk
-little drivers at the grocery store
-love those little heads! 

 photo phonepics6.png

-sweet B actually feel asleep sprawled next to me, so we napped together!
-she found the lightswitch next to her crib, uh oh.
(I caught her on the monitor)
-waking up from the nap next to me...those eyes are stunning.

 photo phonepics7.png

-holding hands with her bestie, Anna, at the library storytime
-my girlies listening together!
-taking Easter treats to a local nursing home with her friends

 photo phonepics8.png

-admiring the washcloth bouquet I made for a baby shower - turned out pretty cute I think!
-my fun magnets I got from a Easter gift exchange with my bloggy besties!
(it cracks me up every day)
-pushing sissy

 photo phonepics10.png

-me at our new Sprouts Market, on opening morning at 6:45 AM. thus the no makeup.
I was one of the first 200 people there and scored free groceries! yes please.
-just a selfie for ya. :)
-early morning bottle on mama's bed. love her.

- - - - - - - - - -

well, hows that?
you may not see me on Insta every day, but here I am. :)

Have a good day everyone.
be blessed.

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