15 months

I just cannot even believe you are 15 months old.
I feel like you were just born, just a teeny tiny little thing in my arms,
meeting us, meeting your sister for the first time.
Like we were just starting to fall in love with you.

 photo bethany2.png

But we fall more each day, sweet Bethany.
You light up ALL of our lives.
Not only are you my dainty petite lady...
You are a funny little thing.
Your personality is so magical and just draws people in.
You are walking everywhere now,
and finally got your two front teeth in
just this week. And they are oh so cute. :)
You love to lean in for kisses and still lean your head on my shoulder
when you are sleepy.
And while you are still somewhat cuddly,
you are very independent.

You love to do everything your big sister does, which is amazing for us to watch.
And speaking of Abigail...she adores you.
She may have some slight sharing issues during this time in her life,
but she loves you, her sweet sissy.
She calls you "Baby" or "my baby" most of the time.
She is very protective of you and watches out for you.
Y'all are already BFF's.

You love to dance and move to music, which makes this mama heart so full.
When we have worship music on, you immediately put your hand up in the air,
like you have just always been a little worshipper.
You adore your Daddy and saying his name is your favorite word.
And he is melted by you.

You have the most beautiful strawberry blonde hair
and porcelain skin.
You have the best smile and giggle.
You are adored by your teachers and do so well at MDO,
which is no surprise.

We are so thankful for your little life.
You are FULL of life,
and you make ours so full!!

Happy 15 months, baby girl.

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