Urgent prayer needed...

this is definitely not the post I was wanting to write today.
I had planned to share pics of our trip to Dallas to celebrate Bethany's birthday, and cheer our Aggies on
at the Cotton Bowl (Whoop! by the way).

While we did get to do those things, (go to the game Friday night, and have birthday cake Saturday morning),
the weekend took a different turn on Saturday night.

So here I am, asking for prayer, because I believe that the more prayers being said, the more it is felt.
And to those of you who have already been praying...we DO feel it. 
THANK you.

Long story kind of short, it appears as though my Dad's Parkinson's Disease has just taken a sudden turn and some pretty severe things have made his health decline in the past few days.
He is now in the ICU and the doctors are trying/testing everything to figure out what has happened and how to help him recover.

The main medical issues right now are that his core body temperature has been very very low (it was life-threateningly low when he arrived at the hospital on Sunday morning), and the other issue is that his blood pressure has been extremely low.
In addition to those things, he is very hard to wake, and remains in a stiff position. He is hard to understand and does not understand everything around him right now.

He started getting very weak on Saturday afternoon and evening, and by late Saturday night was not even able to move or do anything for himself. So Sunday morning, we decided to call the paramedics to take him to the hospital. When they got there, they confirmed that we had done the right thing, since his stats were so bad.

Really, since a few days after Christmas, my mom had seen a bit of a decline cognitively and physically, but in the last few days it seems to have taken a more sudden drop.
The doctors called him a "mystery" and still have no real answers as to why this happened, and why so quickly.
Parkinson's is a progressive disease, but is a gradual progression, and so to have such a sudden change is weird to us, and weird to the doctors. But we are thinking, at least as of today, that it may just be a rare, rapid episode of the disease getting worse. We just don't know.

Like I said, he is currently in the ICU, and while his temperature and blood pressure remain very low, they have risen some due to them pumping warm fluids through his blood. He remains pretty out of it.
He is now experiencing episodes of "delirium" and agitation, which has happened every time he goes into the hospital. They have him on some anti-psychotic drugs for that, but those can severely mess with the millions of Parkinsons meds he is already on. Just all pretty much scary stuff.

all that to say, we need prayer. My dad needs prayer, my mom needs prayer, my whole family needs prayer.

- - - - - - - - - -

how you can specifically pray:
1. peace for my Dad. It kills me inside to think of him feeling scared or confused, but not being able to communicate it to us right now. Pray that God would be speaking to him.
2. peace and strength for my mom. She is amazing, and amazing wife and caregiver. (you who know her know that). But she needs peace and rest.
3. that the doctors would figure some things out, that we would have clear answers.
4. for peace and wisdom as we look into making a long term plan if need be (home health, etc.)
5. that my Dad's temperature and blood pressure would be able to be regulated and steady on their own.
6. that the traumatic episodes of "psychosis" and delirium would stop.
7. that he would come out of this, that he would return to his normal.
8. that if he doesn't, God would give us supernatural peace anyways.

- - - - - - - - - -

Thanks so much. If you know me well, and know my dad, I know that this is hard to hear because he is such a precious lovable man. Please feel free to call, text or email me if you have any more questions or want better updates.

I have decided to stay in Dallas for a little while, so you can also pray for my girls as we are not at home and in our normal routine. My mother in law has been incredible and so helpful in watching the girls. (thank you, Jan).

And I have to say one more thing about my amazing husband.  He has had to do and see things this weekend that
no son-in-law should ever have to. But he has done it with grace and care and made my dad feel so peaceful, speaking words of peace and truth and comfort to him.  I am so thankful for his heart and willingness to love my family well.
(thank you, Parker.)

- - - - - - - - - -

I am so sad and overwhelmed right now, but I also know... I KNOW...that God is in control.
I really do feel His presence with me.
I am trying to choose to believe His goodness in the midst of suffering.

Thanks for believing with me.

(I will update later this week, as I can)