touching Jesus


My wish for you today is that you would touch Jesus.

Touching is an intimate thing, an act that requires close contact.
It requires that you be in near vicinity as the other person.
It means that you are actively reaching for something or someone.
That you are desiring for your sense of touch to be activated...
to feel something.

To feel how it moves, it's texture, it's depth.
To feel the closeness of it to you.

I pray today that you would touch and feel the closeness of Jesus.

He is why I am here.
He is why we are here.
He is why we have love.
He is why we are forgiven.
He is why we can live in freedom.
He is perfection personified, so that we don't have to be perfect.
He is REAL.

And He feels real when you touch Him.
He feels soft and gentle and intimately involved with you.
He feels so loving and powerful all at once.
I have felt this grace, this love, this power.
And will not ever forget that feeling.

These things are not just talk,
they are power.
They are beautifully true and real.

Touching Jesus doesn't have anything to do with duty or performance or religion.
It flows simply out of your heart's desire to be close to someone.
So I pray today that you would realize that there is someone who desires to touch you.
To feel close to you.
To know you intimately.

That's why He came...
To love YOU.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Merry Christmas friends,
Blessings to you and yours today!