Abigail Joy.
You are three today, which takes my breath away.
YOU take my breath away, sweet girl.
I can't believe it's been three years since that snowy Christmas Eve, 
when we got to welcome you into this world. 
That was my favorite day ever.

All 6 pounds and 13 ounces of you was already just full of life.
Full of compassion, of creativity, of sass, of sweetness, of spunkiness, of drama, and of love.
You changed my life that day when you made me a Mama.


I can't believe that the tiny baby who it seems I was just swaddling and nursing constantly,
I am now having conversations with (funny ones sometimes), 
and am watching you grow daily into a beautiful little girl.
While you consider yourself such a "big girl", and you are my dear, 
You will always be my baby.
My precious Bug.

I delight in you, Abigail. You bring me so much joy. 
Your name is so perfect for you, as it means "the Father's Joy"...which you truly ARE.
and YOU are full of joy.
What a gift that is to witness.

I am honored to be your Mama.
I am SO excited you are THREE today!
what a big day.


Happy Birthday Bug!!!!