oh hey

Been hanging with my little crew,
and thought I'd pop in to say hey there to the bloggy world....
and share whats on my heart for the 5 minutes I have with you today.


God has shown up in a really powerful way to me this week...I am experiencing His constant presence like I haven't in a very long time.
It is refreshing and needed.
I am hearing Him speak and drop things into my heart that I know are from Him.
He is good like that, ya know.

and He does speak, y'all.
It may be an audible voice, or just a prompting, or a feeling in your spirit, or even a word through scripture or from someone else.
But He DOES speak.
He is alive and very much powerful and real.

In our relationship,
I have seen Him provide, protect, and pursue in supernatural ways.
I have even experienced His healing more than once, for myself and in others.
And I mean like miraculous healing...
like there yesterday, gone today.
{feel free to ask me about that...I have yet to share my healing stories here, but def will when the Lord leads me to}

And this week...He is reminding me that he cares for me enough to speak to my heart.
To remind me about things He has done and will do.
He has given me words of knowledge for my family and myself,
encouragements that will hopefully propel us further into His presence and His will.

all that (jumbled thoughts) to say...
He is showing up, He is real, He is GOOD.

So..I am making every effort to bask in that goodness right now.

Yall have a great week...be blessed!!