a legacy of worship

Parker and I were given an amazing gift to have a couple in our life, Joe and Kim, that we call our spiritual parents.
They have been a huge part of our lives for about 15 years now.
We even met each other at their house, where they hosted youth to worship and pray every friday night while I was in high school.
I could go on and on about the incredible impact they have had on us, as individuals and as a married couple.

This weekend, we get to go home to celebrate Joe's 60th birthday.
But it's not going to be just a birthday party.
It is going to be an amazing night full of worship and testimony about the impact Joe has made in so many lives.
(I am crying as I write this, just reflecting on how my life has been touched.)

One of the ways he touched me most was that he facilitated a love and desire in me
To EXPERIENCE His presence, to be ministered to through Spirit and Truth, and a worshipful heart.

Joe gave us a legacy of worship, and for that I am forever grateful.
Now we get to pass this on to our children.


One thing I learned from Joe and Kim, well from the Lord through Joe and Kim,
was that there is FREEDOM to worship Jesus however He led me.

That it didn't look like religious duty or rote meditation.
It was not something that was expected of me or something that could be taught in a lesson.

But that it was a way, through song and prayer, to MEET with Jesus.
To know Him better, to taste His presence closely and sweetly.


Worship and meeting together in this group at Joe and Kim's house taught me that there was more to God.
That He is a sweet, gentle, caring, loving Father who loves to draw near to ME as I draw near to Him.

There are so many ways to worship God...art, music, dance, writing, teaching...and on and on.
One of my favorite ways to worship is through music and song.
That is something I learned from Joe and Kim.

I have learned that when I stop and worship...as I GIVE to Him...
HE gives back to me.

Their willingness to simply step back and let the Lord move in the lives of those that were meeting in their home was such a gift.
It allowed for the Holy Spirit to move and speak and touch us.
And it facilitated a desire for more of His presence.

I pray that I will be able to facilitate this same desire in my own children.
That they would know the deep goodness and character of God by meeting with Him,
by learning His Truth, by interceeding for each other,
and by honoring Him through worship.


"For a time is coming - and indeed it is here now - when true worshippers will worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth. The Father is looking for those who will worship Him that way.
For God is Spirit, so those who worship Him must worship in Spirit and in Truth."
John 4:23-24


Not only did Joe and Kim teach us the things of the Lord,
but they have loved us, counseled us, supported us, cried with us.
Joe married us, and also spoke at Parker's Dad's funeral.
He has walked though business decisions with Parker, and has encouraged me in my blogging.
He is an amazing man of God who I love deeply and dearly.
We pray that that our children will also be blessed with spiritual family who walk closely with them.

Thank you Joe and Kim for the gift you have given us.
You have not only blessed us, but now Abigail and Bethany get to taste what we have tasted because you were obedient to the Lord's calling.

I cant wait to share more with y'all next week about the celebration...
it's going to be powerful. Have a great weekend!