making it up the stairs

In the midst of feeling like you need more grace that you can "muster" in moments with your is paradigm-shifting to remember that
HE is enough.
HIM. HIS love, His perfect love and grace and favor for us.

Like today, when I was carrying a crying, (way) overtired 6 month old up the stairs to put her down,
following behind my 2 year old as she climbed with us.

Then Abigail jammed her finger into one of the steps and lost it. like, LOST it people.

So here I was, in the middle of my very steep stairwell, two crying babies, now one on each arm, trying to keep everyone from falling,
including myself.
Kissing the flowing finger-jammed tears while shhh-ing my tired infant.

My heart became overwhelmed with how to "do it all" in that quick moment.
How am I supposed to comfort these two crying babies, convince an injured Abigail to keep climbing so we can get up the dangerous stairs, keep Bethany from crying even louder which made Abigail cry even louder...
I wanted to just sit there on the steep stairs and cry myself.

You get the picture. You've been there.

But as I looked at Abigail's big sad eyes, I remembered:
God is with me on these stairs.
God is with my babies on these stairs.
I need HIS strength right now.
It was like a sudden wave of supernatural peace came over me,
encouraging me to make it back up to the top.
And telling me that He was near and close to us.
That HIS ability was all I needed.

And so we did. And both girls immediately stopped crying as we reached the top.
And i can say without a doubt that it was NOT because we were off the stairs.
It was because they too sensed His nearness and His comfort.

It sounds little and silly I know.
But it was just one of those small moments that became a HUGE moment...
all because I recognized His Presence was with me.

I was blessed by a post the other day, and I think you mamas will be too...
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Just a powerful reminder that we DO have the ability to apply His grace and His gospel and His love to every situation in motherhood.

Even when sometimes the application is just making up the stairs.