sweaty moments

Bethany was inconsolable from the pain of getting her first shots today
(she screamed whenever she was awake today).
Parker came home sick from work, and I felt helpless to him.
And then I went to pick Abigail up from Mother's Day Out,
and had to sign two accident reports...
she got bit hard by another child, and also fell on the playground and busted her lip open.
oh, and I'm a little delirious from nursing Bethany all night last night.
What a day it was.


As soon as we got home from picking a very grumpy Abigail up at school,
I immediately whipped out the boob for Bethany
because she had screamed the whole drive home.
Bethany would not calm down enough to nurse,
and I was desperately trying to get her to, so that she
would not wake my sick husband who was trying to rest.
And i was feeling like I was neglecting Abigail who
had just had her feelings hurt at school.

Needless to say, I was having what I call a "sweaty moment"...
you know those crazy moments where you just start sweating from the intense stress?
(or maybe you don't and I just have a sweating problem)
It's like its just the mode my body goes into
when I am super stressed and cannot calm myself down.

But my sweet Abigail...oh, my sweet little girl.
She should've been in a worse spot than anyone...
she DID just get bit by a friend AND had a bloody lip.

But instead of continuing to whine for more "baba" like she had been in the car,
she stopped, assessed the "situation" and decided to switch into a different mode.
(yes, I am amazed at this little two-year-old)


She disappeared and came back with"baby's paci" to offer to a still-screaming Bethany.
She patted Bethany's head ever so gently while I tried to console her,
saying "awww Bethy Baby, whaaas wrong Bethy Baby? Youre okay Bethy Baby!"

I was SO struck by her actions.
Her unquestioning calmness definitely outdid my stressful intensity.
It's like she recognized the need for peace in the situation,
and demonstrated that by her actions, and the change of her whole demeanor,
going from whiny and tired, to helpful and concerned.

Wow. If only I could operate better like that in my sweaty moments.
Be able to just stop, breathe, and ask God for grace to get through it.


We went upstairs to check on Daddy and put Abigail down for a nap,
Bethany still screaming the whole time.
When we got up to the bedroom Abigail tripped over something and started screaming herself.

But I took a lesson in peace from my sweet daughter...a lesson i learned just minutes before.

I put both girls on the bed, hugged them, gave them their pacis, and just prayed out loud.
prayed for the Lord's peace and healing to fall on them and bring them security in that moment.
And seriously, they both stopped crying, they both became calm.
and so did I.

I need prayer and peace to be my "go-to" mode...it is much better than sweat.

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