rocking out to Disc 6

Sun-roof open. volume UP.
DISC 6 in my CD changer.

That's what happens on days like today,
no baby in the car (she was at MDO),
just me and the open road.
well, not really the open road.
But just me, LOUD music and God.

If you're one of those people who yell and honk at cars who have their music too loud,
go ahead... I wont hear you.

Sometimes mommy just needs to clear her head.
Of the anxieties, worries, and thoughts that come daily in and out,
sometimes so loud they beat in my ears like a drum.

Tired of the (annoying) Yo Gabba Gabba songs in my head.
"Yo Gabba huh?!" If you don't have young kids, you don't know this show.
But if you do, you know what I mean when I say my name is Sarah, and I like to dance.

Tired of the attacks and pokes by Satan trying to make me live in fear.
Tired of the lies he tries to make me believe about myself, my life, my family, about God.

(this video is simple but amazing to me.
It reminds me of the way God's presence colors our otherwise blank existence...
very moving, play it twice, and close your eyes and listen the second time.)

Most people wouldn't peg me for a "rocker" if you will, and Im not.
But when Im alone and need my head and my thoughts to just BE...
sometimes I just rock out in my car.
to Disc 6: Flyleaf.
the perfect way to get it all out.

Flyleaf is an ahhhhmazing band.
They love Jesus, but they are hardcore.
We have spent some time with the band through mutual friends,
and their hearts are for real about Jesus and about touching His people.

The words to their songs are so moving, so real,
and the way she sings them just swallows you up.
If you havent heard Flyleaf before, go find them NOW.

And don't be afraid to turn your volume up and rock out a bit.
It truly is healing and cathartic,
especially if its out of your music comfort zone.
seriously, just trust me.
Let yourself just BE. With the music and the words, and God.

And next time you pull up close to a car bumping its bass,
dont just assume its a gangster listening to rap.
It might just be a mommy who needs to rock out for a minute.