Our Faith Journey

We've had lots of ups and LOTS of downs in our journey of faith for the last 10 years.
and it has been just that...a journey of FAITH.

Faith to trust Him.
For provison when we had none, for healing when we were sick, for protection when we were fearful,
for security when we felt shaken.

And He has come through.
Every. Single. Time.
I am amazed and feel honored that I have had to opportunity to see Him show up in the miraculous ways He has.

He has provided money when we had none. like literally negative in the bank account.
He has prompted people, friends AND strangers, to give to us in our times of need.
He has provided checks to show up in the mail several times...large, unexpected, needed checks.
Even in the negative, we have never been without.

He has healed us several times, and yes, I am talking about miracles.
(It's real people....He is the same today, yesterday, and forever...and I am living proof of His power.)
He has literally caused (through prayer) disease and sicknesses to disappear and no longer plague me.
He even gave us a precious baby when it should not have been physically possible

He has delivered us, and I don't just mean salvation.
I mean from the lifelong, sometimes daily, burdens and strongholds that entangled us for years.
Through prayer, He physically removed the stronghold of fear in my life.
(It had gripped me for years, causing alot of my sickness.)
I still must daily commit it to Him, but I am now free from the chains it once had on me.

FAITH is something I don't take lightly.
It's not a religion.
It's not about church attendance. It's not about rules. It's not about positive thinking.
It's about LOVE.  HIS love.

I am thankful for the journey.
Thanks for being part of this adventure of HOPE alongside me!