the girls' first race!

Our town has a well-known 5K every year called the Brookhaven Run, and it happens to take place in a neighborhood within walking distance of our house. :)
(this happened last weekend)
So, since Mama hasnt been making her preggo-self run much (I miss it!) I did the next best thing...
had my girls run in the "Kid Dash"!

It was just a 50 meter run, so like no distance at all...
BUT super fun because all the kiddos got a Bib with the number 1 (so sweet, right?)
And got a race goodie bag at the end!!

Abigail was SO serious about it.
I was yelling at her as she passed me and she was so focused on that finish line! 
And apparently 50 meters just gave her a taste, because then she insisted on running, not walking, all
 the way home with her Daddy! haha

Such a fun time, and I look forward to getting my kids into things like this from an early age...
so many lessons to be taught in training, setting goals, and having fun doing them!


 Hope yall have a great weekend!!!
Yay for the coming of Fall and lots of football games!!