(my very honest) Pregnancy Survey

I have seen this done a few times in the past, and just thought this time around, why not?
So here are a few random q's about this pregnancy...in case you care.  :)
(I just made my own survey from random questions I've seen around!)

heeeey belly belly..


What is your due date? 
January 9th, 2015

How far are you?
35 weeks and 5 days

Do you know what you are having?
(bring on the blue! though I'm sure his sisters will have him in princess dresses in no time!)

Is this your first pregnancy?
no, this is my 6th pregnancy (my 2 girls here and my 3 babes in Heaven)

How has this compared to your other pregnancies?
This time has definitely stretched me in new ways...physically and emotionally.
Physically it feels much more uncomfortable, I think just bc it's the third time carrying a baby all the way and my body is literally stretched out inside! 
And emotionally it's been a little harder trying to balance mothering my other 2 well with taking care of myself and this little growing one.

Craving anything?
At the beginning lots of meat.
meat meat meat. (this is why we thought maybe it was a boy before we knew...def my husband's son!)
Now, craving fruity drinks like smoothies and orange juice.
Also cheese. Lots of cheese. 

Weight gain?
As of my appointment today, I have gained 42 pounds.
(and I still have a month to go...awesome.)

Weight gain compared to other pregnancies?
When I gave birth to Bethany, my second, I was up 42 pounds.
So clearly this baby boy is gonna be bigger.
Or maybe it's all the meat and cheese.

Maternity clothes?
one word: leggings.

Specific complaints physically?
hmm my hubby would say "everything!".
And I might too, really.
My legs seem to tire more easily, like I've just done a million squats after I simply walk upstairs. And my belly aches more and I def have more Braxton Hicks this time than the others.

Is it hard to be pregnant and mother other kids?
um, yes. I'd like to think I am super mom, but it is exhausting. yall.
Nausea in the first trimester keeps you cranky, the second trimester lets up a bit,
but now near the end it is t.o.u.g.h.
My littles are also just at an age (2 and 4) that is very busy and requires a lot from mama!
How is sleeping?
another word: Unisom.
(don't worry, it's safe during pregnancy!)

Is baby really active?
yes! he moves constantly. SO so active, this guy!

Do you have a name yet?
(sorry not gonna get it outta me until he's here! Our good friends know, but the world will know when he arrives!)

Have you set up the nursery?
mmm, mostly. 
well, the pictures and decor have to be nailed into the wall still.
But the crib and dresser and rocker are all good to go!

Breast or bottle?
Breast! (barring any unforeseen difficulties)
Breastfeeding is actually one of my favorite things about having a new baby.

Midwife or OB? 
Where I will deliver, I have midwives, but I also know the OB well and he plans to check in on me too. (He walked us through my last two miscarriages and my Molar Pregnancy)

Natural or epidural?
gonna go ahead and say my heart is leaning towards epidural this time.
(betcha thought I was gonna say natural!)
I tried to go natural last time and they ended up having to give me a ton of Pitocin to get her out quick, so it was hell til I got that magic shot.
I honestly think after the losses we have been through, and just wanting to really be enjoying this life-giving process, 
I will probably go natural as long as I can take it, but the minute I feel miserable, 
I will get the epidural.
I really want to enjoy it, pray, worship, rest as he makes his way out of my belly and into our arms!

Co-sleeping or crib?
I have always co-slept with my babies for the first 5-6 months, really not for any "crunchy" reasons, mainly just because it saves me energy of getting out of bed to nurse through the night.

Any fears about labor/delivery?
I think every mama has some fears.
Fear that something will go wrong with delivery, fear of sickness of the baby.
But I am fully trusting the Lord that this baby was such a promise of HOPE to us after such a traumatic few years of loss, that all will be ok.

Do you have your hospital bag packed yet? 
ha, no.
I have thought about it though!

Advice to other expectant moms?
Enjoy it. 
Don't set too high of expectations for labor and birth.
know that you will have to go with the flow 
and no matter what, the gift at the end is worth the process.

Anxious about anything after baby arrives?
Both my girls were severely colicky for the first several months.
Praying he is not that way!
But if he is, I now know my tricks of bouncing on a big ball and running bath water!

Something special about this particular pregnancy?
(cue the tears)
Since our last birth (Bethany), we have lost many people close to us, including my Dad and two babies through miscarriage.
And our last miscarriage, Parker literally delivered the baby's tiny form in a hospital bathroom while I was in labor at 10 1/2 weeks. It was very traumatic for both of us, as you can imagine.
So I am praying and expecting this to be special, because it will be a renewal and restoration of something terrible into something beautiful.
A redemption, if you will. 
This truly is our rainbow baby, our promise from God!

Feeling ready or nervous?
so ready. so, so ready!

- - - - - - - - - -

nothin like a good bathroom belly selfie! :)

Well, there's some facts from me to you.
Can't wait to meet our baby boy, and to introduce him to you all someday soon!!
- - - - - - - - - -

*feel free to copy these questions to use for yourself...such a fun way to document it all!