my bullet points (on my heart now):

I have so much swirling around in my head to write about so I just thought Id "bullet point" it out.
Not just to share with you, but also to help me gather my own thoughts.
Sometimes blogging and writing, at least for me, can feel overwhelming when you have so much you want to say. Sometimes it just seems easier to just not do it. (as evidenced by my absence here lately!)
But no more!

(in total random order) :)

My home/house is in better order than it has been in a long time, which is a huge answer to prayer.  It has come that way through a ton of hard work and hours and sweat devoted to weeding through things, organizing in new ways, and really taking the time to go through each and every item we have (or HAD in lots of cases). My hubby is really amazing at creating what he calls "systems" and so I am trying my best to implement some new systems around here to maintain organization...
all so that the end goal of FREEDOM from clutter, excess, and unnecessary stress can reside in our home!

SO so glad it is finally feeling like Spring here. Oklahoma winter was pretty rough this year.
This week is Spring break for us, and we are thankful the weather is beautiful for lots of outdoor fun!
Also, I am not gonna lie...nicer weather so the kids can play outside while I cook or clean is kindof amazing (canigetanamen).
The girls have been pretty happy about the Sunshine too!

 photo tuesday2jpg.jpg

thiiiiiiis little St, Patrick's Day diva makes me smile, and she will make you smile too.
Such a ham and such a spunkly little soul all wrapped up into a beautiful petite little thing!!

 photo tuesday1jpg.jpg

Parker and I have always secretly wanted some of those awesome rocking chairs from Cracker Barrel. You know the ones. You know you love to rock on those while you wait and fantasize about the hashbrown casserole you are about to devour.
No but really...we finally got some for our front porch and love them!! They came just in time for Spring weather and I have so enjoyed sitting on them with my big girl lately while the little one naps...

 photo tuesdsay3jpg.jpg

ours came to visit last weekend. They are the ones who, in addition to our own parents, have poured so much life and love into us, even before we were a couple. They have been counselors, advisors, prayer warriors, etc for us over the last 15 years and it was so awesome to host them at our house and spend some real quality time together! (we love you Joe and Kim!)

 photo tuesday5jpg.jpg

the Silhouette Cameo, that is.
New dreams, new ideas, and new goals lie before me, y'all.
This little guy is gonna being some of those to life. Can't wait to let y'all in on that soon!!

 photo tuesday6jpg.jpg

I just recommended this book to a friend, and then got to reading through it again.
It was so helpful to both Parker and I when the Lord starting showing up in our lives in ways we had not been taught He could. Like in miracles and signs.
We had both grown up in a very cessation-saturated culture (cessation is the belief that the gifts of the Holy Spirit like healing or prophecy are no longer active and real), and in fact grew up mainly being taught by pastors coming out of DTS (a Seminary in Dallas), where the author of this book comes from. Anyways, if you have ever been curious or had questions about stuff like this, I would suggest this book.

 photo tuesday4jpg.jpg

9 days. NINE. can i please tell you how pumped I am?! Not only do I get to be reunited with all my bff's from all over the county, but I get to meet so many friends I have always wanted to meet "in real life", and some new friends too. I am so so excited to worship with all these women. It's gonna be the best weekend!

- - - - - - - - - -

There's my heart bullet points for ya!
Hope you are having a good week, friends!