hey y'all

It's starting to feel like Spring!
oh wait. It's gonna be freezing again this weekend.
Stupid Oklahoma weather!
(seriously though, It's driving everyone here a little bonkers!)
We are READY for warm weather.

I feel like I just blogged these same words recently.
Oh that's right, I did! ha clearly the weather sitch hasn't changed much lately.

and though it has been super windy this week
(we DO live in Oklahoma, and it IS almost tornado season, boooo)...

There ARE some things I do love about these glimpses of spring...
a front porch that is calling my name every minute.
springy new throw pillows for my couch.
cute short sleeve dresses for my girls.
not having to wear my coat and gloves every day.
keeping the back door open while the girls play and I cook dinner.
not having to bundle the girls up just to walk to the car.

 photo springporch1jpg.jpg  photo springporch2jpg.jpg

Another quick thing,
I realize it's been quite a while since I blogged.
And like I've said before when I take little breaks from it...
I miss it! I really do.
It's good for my soul. :) YALL are good for my soul.

But as the Lord spoke to us in the new year, we have been working really hard to get our life, marriage, finances, family time, and home in order. In the order God designed it to be in.
So, any free time I have had lately has been committed to that.
But just this week, He has been freeing things up for me to be able to write and blog more again, which I am so happy about because I have so much to share.
Thanks for being patient with me!

Happy Wednesday/Happy SpringtimeIsAlmostHere ! :)