some (personal) quotes about grieving

Tomorrow, January 30th, marks 1 year since

losing my Dad


It also is the due-date for

the baby we lost in July


(i know, crazy.)

I've been reflecting a lot lately on this grieving process, and on how my heart is doing one year out.

And He has been speaking to me a lot about it.

One main thing I am working though is how my heart is so tempted to hang on to heartache.

Where as some people go through loss and initial grief,

and reflect back to say it feels like it was "just a blur" and they don't really remember much,

my mind operates differently.

I remember everything. Every date, time, place, event, conversation, and heartache.

(kind of like how we all know where and what we were doing on Sept 11.

That's how I am/have been with traumatic things in my life)

And while I do realize that part of that is just processing the hurt,

I am also coming to realize it has hindered me from moving on.

Not moving on from the person or the memory, just from the hurt.

In the same regard, and at my family's encouragement, I have to give myself grace to go through it all. 

To feel it all, to process and handle it all.

BUT ALSO TO BE HEALED. To have a whole, fully-operating heart.

My end goal? To remember, to feel, to hold on to the person...

But to be FREE from hurt.

There's a difference between grieving and staying stuck in the pain.

Even though these things, these losses we have been though, have added to me, to build my story...

they DO NOT define me.

I think that's where I have been stuck before, and where a lot of people get stuck while grieving.

They let the heartache and loss define them.


if you are going through loss, do not let it define you or become your identity.

It will steal from your life.

You have a lot more to give, so much love and life to live...

So my prayers are with you, you who might be hurting today...

I am with you.

HE is with you and can heal your heart.

I promise...He is healing mine.

- - - - - - - - - -

I've created some quotes here, that come straight from my own heart and my own journey.

I hope that they will be meaningful...please feel free to share them.

 photo grief7.jpg
 photo grief11.jpg
 photo grief2.jpg
 photo grief3.jpg
 photo grief4.jpg
 photo grief6.jpg

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