remembering my Daddy today...

1 year ago today, my sweet Daddy went Home to be with his Maker.
It was a hard day then, and still a difficult one now,
but we know the freedom he is experiencing there, and the suffering he is avoiding here.
And we know the beautiful luxurious presence of Jesus he is in now...
and so we remember and grieve with HOPE and peace.

 photo dad1-1.jpg

I had an amazing father.
Truly a blessing to be his daughter.
I am so thankful for the 30 years I had with him, and look forward to spending eternity together with him and Jesus, and all the saints someday!
...because that day IS coming.

and so, that's why I can grieve with hope and peace.
Dad is in the best place now. The absolute best place.

So while January 30th will always be a "hard day".
I am trying my best to remember that January 30th is the best day for my dad.
It's the day he went HOME.

I miss you Dad...

- - - - - - - - - -

I also want to take a second to remember the sweet little baby we lost in July.
Today (Jan 30th) was my due date.
My baby is also Home now...
And I have a feeling my Dad is being the best "Hop" to our baby today, on this hard day.
What a beautiful picture.

- - - - - - - - -

Many people say the first year after such a hard loss (and we've been through a few now) is the hardest.
It has for sure been hard.
But without the support of family, this community here, and some incredible friends and sisters in the would've been a lot harder.
Thank you. Thank you all for your love in this last year.
Be blessed, friends.