sickness, honey medicine, staying-at-home, and more coffee.

(yep, all those things :) )

Been having some sick days here,
which basically means lots of snuggles, sippies filled with water and gatorade, new movies on Netflix, long baths, spoonfuls of honey for coughs...
and lots of coffee for mama.

 photo sickday2.jpg

Sick days are definitely no fun, especially for my little's ages who so badly want and need to be moving constantly but just can't right now.
I think I find the hardest part for me as the mama to be the exhaustion when kids are sick.
When mine are sick they usually don't seep too well, and I am needed to give meds throughout the night.
I separated the girls, put B in her old room, so they wouldn't give it back and forth so badly,
so I spent the night in Abigail's room on night one.
That was a doozy and gave me like 2 hours of sleep. MAYBE. :(
Then the last few nights, I have slept across from them in the guest room.
Just helps to be closer to give medicines, blow noses, or give snuggles in the middle of the night.
But it is oh so tiring!

It's amazing to me though,
after a bit of time I need to get my bearings, ask for EXTRA patience in my heart, and a cup or three of coffee...God really does give me the strength to do the day.
Staying in cozy clothes and watching shows all day helps too.
But the energy eventually does come.
I even just did a load of laundry and put some dishes away.
haha, oh, the little things, right?

 photo sickday1.jpg

ok sidenote... :)
Something that has been stirring in my heart for a long time now, and that I think about almost daily,
is that I really cannot complain about this job I have as a stay-at-home mama.

And while YES, it CAN be hard, it doesn't have to be so consumingly-difficult like I have read/heard some moms say. I'm sure I might see things differently if our family grows and we have more children, but for now, God is talking to me about it in this way.

**literally in the middle of this post, my youngest just smacked me in the face because I took away a toothbrush from her. HA. That is NOT fun. But also, it's not that hard. It's all about our hearts and perspectives, I think.**

(I've already started a post on this, that I add to as I think about it.
Hopefully I can share that soon.)

And my thinking is not even a stay-at-home- vs. work-outside-the-home thing,
It's more about the many hats we wear and roles we DO have as mamas and wives and homemakers,
and how it is really a blessing and it really isnt that hard.
Also about how my job IS my job and I need to treat it as such.

woah, lots to say and process!
I keep trying to write about it here, right now, but the words arent ready yet.
I guess "sick days" just make me think about it more. haha
I do, though, look forward to sharing/discussing this 
currently-being-renewed perception of my job and role as mama/housewife.
I think there's a lot to say and think about on the matter!

ok anywho....haha totally got off subject there.
Wait, is there a subject?
Not really.
subject: we are sick.
there ya go. :)

Also, wanted to pass on this little nugget to you mamas.
I tried a new cough medicine this time around, and I swear it has done wonders for their sad little coughs.
It's the Children's Chestal Honey Homeopathic Medicine.
We already give them little spoonfuls of honey to coat their throats when they have coughs,
but this little bottle has TONS of amazing natural stuff in it, that I truly think have cut our sickness down a lot this time! yay!
(i got it at CVS but here it is in case you need to buy some right now!)

 photo sickday3.jpg

OK well, Im gonna go get back to watching Planes for the second time.
Here's to another cup of coffee and no more sickness!!

Yall have a great day and stay warm...
it's stinking COLD out there!

 photo sickday4.jpg