Christmas Program JOY!!

Each Christmas, the girls' school (Children's Day Out) puts on a Christmas Program, that all the classes work on really hard!
It is such a special thing to see your child perform the songs they have been singing in your car every day for the last month! hehe :)

Abigail's class sang "Away in a Manger", and several other  songs in the Finale,
and she did so beautifully!
Needless to day, we were proud proud proud!
Bethany's class got to be pushed around in a big buggy and shake jingle bells, for all the parents to ohh and ahh over how cute they were.  Sadly I didnt get a good pic of B.

But here's a few from the program and the cookie reception afterwards!
Such a good way to bring in the Christmas spirit...

And I have to say, the BEST part of the whole night was when Abigail's class was running in to the stage, down the aisles of the church...she spotted her Daddy and shrieked with JOY so loudly! It was the best thing ever.

 photo cp11.jpg  photo cp1.jpg  photo cp2.jpg

(this girl's beauty seriously melts me!)

 photo cp3.jpg  photo cp4.jpg

I promise, Bethany is not mad here. She's just doing a really intense "cheeeese!".
(SO her personality!)

 photo cp5.jpg  photo cp6.jpg

(she IS mad here though) :)

 photo cp7.jpg  photo cp8.jpg

with her proud Daddy!!

 photo cp9.jpg  photo cp10.jpg  photo cp11-1.jpg

Abigail Joy (and Bethany Len) we are SO honored to watch your joy come forth through your singing and performing! We love you so much!!