butterfly birthday party!

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Last weekend, we celebrated my big girl , who will turn 4 on Christmas Eve!

She loooooves butterflies and everything girly, so requested a butterfly party...

it was so fun and sweet!

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for food we did:

-pink cupcakes that Abigail helped to make and decorate, with butterfly sprinkles and

sugar paper butterflies that were made by Sugar Robot

(visit their

shop here

...but I found them on Amazon!)

-PBJ's cut with a butterfly cookie cutter (so cute!)

-Butterfly crackers and cheesesticks

-Caterpillar Grapes (for how Butterflies start)

-nut mix

-pink Starburst

-crackers with cream cheese and Rasberry sauce (a family favorite for parties...also the color is girly!)

for drinks, 

we just had some big cartons of juice (purple and pink to match),

sparkling grape juices (fun to have this time of year!),

and coffee for the parents

It all turned out just right, and was all really so simple!

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(Caterpillar Grapes:

I cut large Skewer sticks to the size I wanted and put 5 large green grapes on them.

Then a dot of white icing and mini chocolate chips for the eyes)

They were SO so cute!

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The kiddos had a blast and I think my girl felt really loved on!

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(I laid out a craft for them to do, coffee filter butterflies...just to color with markers and then put a clothespin in the middle and snap in some pipe cleaners for the antennas.)

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We gave butterfly wings as party favors, but I used them as decorations during the party!!

Abigail LOVED having big butterflies all around the house!

 photo 4th20.jpg
 photo 4th22.jpg
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I'm dying that I did not get a picture of them, but for another party favor,

we also made butterfly snacks...

put some Honeycomb cereal in small ziplock baggies,

put a clothespin in the middle.

Abigail painted all the clothespins pink and we hot-glued on google eyes.

Then snapped antennas in the middle with pipe cleaners!

They were adorable and we had a lot of fun making them!!

(it's the most fun when you involve your child in the party planning, so it was fun that Abigail was old enough to help a lot this year!!)

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Happy Butterfly Birthday, Abigail Joy!!