one of my favorite days of the year!

 photo bday1.jpg Hubby's Birthday!

You are...

an amazing husband
a sweet Daddy
a hard worker
an obedient son of God
a loyal friend
a creative business mind
a compassionate counselor
an inspiring spiritual brother and father to other men
a loving son and son-in-law
a patient listener

a perfect match for me.

 photo bday2.jpg

Like we've always said...
you are the yellow starburst to my red. :)
I love you, baby.
And I love celebrating your life today!

It is so awesome to watch you journey through fatherhood,
and see you teach our girls about unconditional love.
so awesome.
They are so lucky, and adore you more than anyone in this world.

 photo bday3.jpg

You are my best friend and my favorite person.
I love you so much!!

 photo bday4.jpg

Happy Birthday, my love.

oh, and I will be enjoying the fact that for the next 25 days, you are officially 6 years older than me. haha :)