cherish the long days...

The cold showed up this week here in Oklahoma.
which basically means I've been shivering all week.
I looooove cold weather, for the season...but i just don't do so well in it, ha.
(I'd be pretty grumpy if I lived somewhere like Alaska. or North Dakota.)

But we've still been trying to make the most of our days, including bucking up and bundling up,
to go play outside in the cold.
But I really am ok with that...

Because you know that saying,
"The days are long but the years are short." ?
That's one of my fav quotes, but I'm finding lately how TRUE,
how wonderfully and terribly true it is.
I know mamas say this all the time, but I really do wish I could make these times last longer.
(dont get me wrong there are many many moments that I wish would just hurry up and be over...
like almost-2-year-old-tantrums-by-a-sassy-little-princess-i-know.)
But I do.
I want the little moments that make my heart skip a beat to make a lasting impression.
They do, but sometimes I jut forget about those sweet moments in the middle of the tantrums.

 photo wed2.jpg

I want to jump at the chance to play with my little ones whenever they want me to, even when its cold outside...because someday they will have other things to do than play with mommy.
I want to remember that when Abigail asks me 1,683 times if she can have a cookie, and my answer doesnt change....that I will miss it someday, when she's wanting to eat snacks or spend meal time with friends.
I want to remember the nights when Bethany is teething and needs a little soothing and rocking at 4 AM, even though it makes me bone-tired the next day...because someday she'll be a big girl, and may not want any snuggles at all.
I want to cherish the innocent questions about life, God, and everything she can think of...because someday she'll think she has all the answers and may not ask me anything.
I want to remember how fun it is to see the girls run and jump at the sound of their Daddy coming through the door. (which really may never change...they ARE their Daddy's girls)
I want to remember the long bedtimes, the chaotic dinnertimes, the splashing bathtimes.

all of it.

okay, life, can you please just press pause?

So when those days (and nights) are long, remember that the weeks, the seasons, the years...
they are short.

Cherish them, friends.

 photo wed1.jpg