"get some punkins!"

Parker's cousin, Tim, owns a great pumpkin stand here in town...
It's been so fun since we have lived here, to go visit, get our pumpkins and mums, and welcome Fall!
We had a little fun there the other day, the girls love it!

 photo pumpkintim6_zpse054dc9a.jpg

Norman friends, go get you some Fall for your home...
It's Sooner Bloomers, in the parking lot of the mall!

 photo pumpkintim3_zps91ea68bf.jpg  photo pumpkintim4_zpse6e230e7.jpg  photo pumpkintim13_zps32f3a058.jpg  photo pumpkintim12_zps3469ccec.jpg  photo pumpkintim2_zpsffa0f2df.jpg  photo pumpkintim7_zpsf61f1192.jpg  photo pumpkintim5_zps20b48a4e.jpg  photo pumpkintim1_zps5761d123.jpg  photo pumpkintim14_zps14d7eb6b.jpg  photo pumpkintim9_zpsb1e09141.jpg  photo pumpkintim12_zps3469ccec.jpg  photo pumpkintim8_zps94d808e2.jpg  photo pumpkintim11_zpse626210c.jpg

Go get your punkins, y'all.

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