the trip I have waited forever for....

 photo trip2_zpsefcb32e6.jpg

resting, chatting, giggling, crying, and sharing life.
That's what i'm doing this weekend.
with some incredible incredible women.

you might remember when I went on this trip, last year.
Some of you even thought I was crazy for going...
I went with my "blog friends", 9 other women who I had never met in person.
But it was a testimony of the Lord's creativity in connecting hearts and making friendships...
and one of the best trips I have ever taken.

well...we did it again!
And it seemed like a LOOOONG year, waiting to be reunited with these precious friends.
We text literally every day, and have been dying for this trip to be here.
And it is!! 

 photo trip1_zps1ccac6ed.jpg

(not everyone is in this pic...we still had two more to pick up from the airport.)
kara, hannah, carina, leslie, jami, danielle, esther, and aly are all here!!

So so thankful for these women.
They truly are some of my very best friends.
I will write about them more someday soon. :)
if you dont know my need to. 
you will be SO so blessed!

If you have Instagram and want to follow our trip...
check out the hashtag #seattlecamano

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