my "people"...and an amazing trip.

last year, I went on this trip, that some of yall thought I was crazy for going on, because I had never "met" any of the girls in person before. They were just "blog friends".
Well last year, I went...and came away with a deep love for these amazing girls.
really, i LOVE them. they are like my family.

We do life together on the daily, through massive amounts of texting,
and sometimes skyping or face-timeing.
They have been there for me this year, throughout all I have dealt with and faced.
They have been a foundation for encouragement for me and are the most life-giving group ever.
When something is happening in my life, they are at the top of the list of who I want to talk to...
about the good and the bad.
They are my people.

Well, obviously because we can't stand not seeing each other, as soon as last year's trip to NY ended,
we were planning this year' Seattle!
I cannot believe it has already come and gone.

daniellekarahannahcarina,  jamiestherleslie, and aly
are the ones I got to hug tightly this past weekend.
(And we dearly missed heather and steph, as they couldn't come again this year.)

I can't wait to share more with you.
SO much has been stirred in my heart after being with these women for 5 days.
But first I had to share like a million pictures with you.
sorrynotsorry. :) Enjoy!

 photo seattle1_zps3f3430a5.jpg  photo seattle21_zps32a5dd8a.jpg  photo seattle31_zpsf887181f.jpg  photo seattle4_zpsdbc17525.jpg  photo seattle5_zps9af00cfe.jpg  photo seattle6_zps5c81288e.jpg  photo seattle71_zpsbb3ce2b1.jpg  photo seattle8_zps1116e51b.jpg  photo seattle9_zps53827140.jpg  photo seattle10_zps9dd4080a.jpg  photo seattle11_zps61937dc0.jpg  photo seattle13_zpsa70ada97.jpg  photo seattle15_zpsbb921fff.jpg  photo seattle17_zpsce985f0c.jpg  photo seattle18_zps81e36c89.jpg  photo seattle19_zpsd9787c85.jpg  photo seattle20_zps5cc25fc8.jpg  photo seattle21_zpsd167b6e0.jpg  photo seattle22_zpsaf691ca6.jpg  photo seattle24_zps2af67daa.jpg  photo seattle25_zpsa2443a2c.jpg  photo seattle26_zps719e8a8e.jpg  photo seattle27_zps3fbb434e.jpg  photo seattle29_zpsc8bdfbca.jpg  photo seattle30_zps78657ea3.jpg  photo seattleredo_zpsd9c185f4.jpg  photo seattle32_zps22facdd5.jpg

I cannot express how blessed I feel to have this group.
I feel like it is so rare. Or maybe its not, and maybe I just feel extremely lucky.
But I am constantly blown away at the blessing these women are in my life.
Who knew that through blogging and tweeting...I would meet some of my very best friends.
God is SO wonderful!

I love you girls. :)
(and now I'm gonna go cry, obvi.)

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